Thank you for uploading your photos to Sygic Travel. This document covers the guidelines for user submitted photos. You'll also learn how does Sygic Travel use your photos.

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Terms and Conditions

Key points:

User generated content is covered in great detail by Sygic Travel's Business Terms and Conditions, specifically by section IX. User Content. You have agreed to Business Terms and Conditions when creating your account.

Are there guidelines?

We don't have strict guidelines. We however have just a few basic NO-NO rules that you should be aware of, shown in examples:

No Selfies

Sygic Travel users want to see the attraction, not you. We're not a social network. Please don't submit selfies, they will be removed.

No Fancy Filters

We prefer real life photos with little to no alterations. That said, it's okay to use filters as long as they keep the photo real and useful. If not, the photo will be removed.

No People

Legal aspects aside, we believe that everyone has right for privacy. People should not be the focus of your photos unless it is necessary to illustrate the place and the subjects are okay with being in such a photo (a public performance would be a good example here). We generally remove photos depicting people.

No Low Quality Images

Everyone hates blurry, dark or just very badly taken images. Such images will be removed.

No Screenshots

Screenshots from other apps suggest that the photo is not original. Also, screenshots from other apps look really dumb in a gallery. Such photos will be removed.

(All examples in this section were taken in Barcelona by Lukas Nevosad, CEO of Sygic Travel.)

How will Sygic Travel use my photo?

We will primarily show the photo to illustrate a particular place. We may use it in any kind of material, online or print, related to Sygic Travel. Your photo may also be shown elsewhere, since it is published under the open Creative Commons license by default. In any case, you will be attributed as the author.

What is Creative Commons license?

We love open content and by default, all user photos have the most recent Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. This license allows anyone to adapt the photo and share it further, provided they attribute the author and share the work under the same license.

If you have multiple photos and wish to upload them under a different license, read the question below.

Can I bulk upload my collection?

If you're a professional photographer and you want to upload photos in bulk or assign them a different license, please contact We will assist you and in some cases even do the upload for you. We can also promote your blog / website as the source of the photo.

Do I need to publish under CC license?

No, but we only accept such requests for bulk uploads at the moment. Please read the question above.